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The Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen, Denmark and the EARTH LAB atomic anthropology experiments in the city of Madison with the University of Wisconsin

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The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (EARTH Lab) provides many opportunites for understanding atomic social science expressions, The periodic atomic table government and its elements have many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics humanoids with an experimental atomic brain with symbolic data processing abilities. These Margaret Mead nuclear family--> atomic social anthropology experiments have an interesting structure.

The Earth government with Nature's vast intellect allows many experiments with subset humans and their subset communities, institutions, and governments. These entities are algebraic subsets of Nature's continuum..composed of the THEORY OF Everything (TOE). Thus mathematical-physics life and Earth LAB space/time with the......
atomic continuum--> human intermediate <-- astrophysics continuum

Thus we have the continuum and the role of calculus in describing daily life thru the intermediate VALUE theorem.

We are subset humans embedded in the continuum and the larger architectural structures of NATURE...which includes physical structures and symbolic structures (nouns,verbs, equations,etc). With such a VIEW we look at an outline of a social engineering experiment designed by NATURE with human societal components.

Thus we see parallel processing / supersymmetry PHYSICS in action...with the choice of symbolism and their physical 2-legged humanoid representatives with a proper noun label.

The atomic government structure expresses irself via atomic nouns, verbs, and its atomic information DISPLAY. The atomic DEMO vehicles are Margaret Mead atomic human brain thoughts and human atomic (data bus) business organizations. The UNIVERSITY of Wisconsin in Madison provides an intellectual interface to this project of NATURE; but the interface humanoids have communications problems..... since pizza, sports, and their Mad magazine comedy TEST takes priorty over all other matters. But I have hope for them; they may awaken.

As William Shakespeare stated around year 1600...
....."The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors"

today.."The WORLD is an atomic stage and we are atomic human actors"

We VIEW the experimental structure in EARTH LAB as constructed of 2 major approaches:
- Theory followed by Applications 
- Applications followed by Theory

This is the bi-directional approach to understanding situations.
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It does't matter who is first; results matter.

-->Theory for science/physics/etc....the ROPE component of STRING theory physics......the Darwinian atomic geography selection of EARTH LAB continent --> eu.ROPE --> Rope for String theorists.

Thus euROPE and then the selection of atomic thoughts/atomic to COPE...modern atomic social psychology within the bio-physics human with an atomic physical brain and atomic symbolic brain.

The theory of atomic COPE with feelings....assigned by Nature to Copenhagen, Denmark...with the Darwinian atomic selection of a humanoid group that may(or may not) understand the situation. This human group was selected to be the Niels Bohr Institute.....who at the moment is playing the theater role of "Sleeping Beauty".




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Repeating the concepts described above......
according to EARTH LAB physics..
..supersymmetry...we have ....


Theory agents for Nature --> a Dane University in Eu.ROPE
........... string LINK
Applications for Nature --> a Dane + a University + United States


Dane County | University of Wisconsin Extension, Cooperative ...
Through the Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program offered by Dane County UW Extension, Jessica Zirn is in the Madison schools every day providing ...



University of Wisconsin?Madison



the Tale of Two Cities .... in this case...
the Tale of Two DANE geography areas ...Europe and USA.



The United States from Nature's intellect is the VIEW -->
United States --> Sta + tes --> Statistical Test region on Earth
with Uncle SAM--> Sample Space ....

Thus we have an atomic social psychology SAMPLE SPACE..
the supersymmetry Physics ...Darwinian atomic selection of
Dane County , University of Wiscosnin, city of Madison,

Unites States of geography ..North America, Earth

United States of MIND
-- quantum states of mind of the SKULL atoms

-- transition states of mind of Markov probabilty theory with the chance /probability of the existence of a UW chancellor that acknowledges
William Feller ...Probabiblity of LIFE and
Sartre multi-dimensional existentialism
-- and more...



Applications side of the Margaret Mead anthropology experiment..
with the proposed theory (already mentioned)

Humans are composed of atoms and math equations
Humans have ideas , thoughts, and feelings
The ideas, thoughts, and feelings must have an ORIGIN

atoms and math equations are the ORIGIN of those human thoughts
the ORIGIN of thought is someplace in brain outer space ....nonsense.



Thus the Madison TEST of Nature.....where in the heck to they get some of those ideas that we read about in the newpapers and listen to on television?


Home - Clerk of Courts - Government of Dane County, Wisconsin Jun 25, 2010 ... Clerk of Circuit Court and Register in Probate. Dane County Courthouse Room 1000 215 S Hamilton St. Madison, WI 53703. Map to the Courthouse ...
Contact Us - Circuit Court Records - Judges - Court Forms



Thus the puzzle ...these are SCIENCE bio-physics clues for the reader/thinker.



J. CLERK Maxwell (eye/optical  EM computer systems)

Job Control Language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Job Control Language (JCL) is a scripting language used on IBM mainframe operating systems to instruct the system on how to run a batch job or start a ...

James Clerk Maxwell
James Clerk Maxwell.png
James Clerk Maxwell (1831?1879)
Born 13 June 1831
Edinburgh, Scotland
Died 5 November 1879 (aged 48)
Cambridge, England
Citizenship British
Nationality Scottish
Fields Physics and mathematics
Institutions Marischal College, Aberdeen
King's College London
University of Cambridge
Alma mater University of Edinburgh
University of Cambridge

 James Clerk MaxwellFRS FRSE (13 June 1831 ? 5 November 1879) was a Scottish[1][2]theoretical physicist.[3] His most prominent achievement was formulating a set of equations that united previously unrelated observations, experiments, and equations of electricity, magnetism, and optics into a consistent theory.[4] His theory of classical electromagnetism demonstrates that electricity, magnetism and light are all manifestations of the same phenomenon, namely the electromagnetic field. Maxwell's achievements concerning electromagnetism have been called the "second great unification in physics",[5] after the first one realised by Isaac Newton.



The evolution from year 1860 J.CLERK Maxwell electromagnetic (em) equations to -->
em life format of em = employee ..physics CLERK of Courts.

If we consider the Carl Jung atomic collective unconscious MIND of DANE county CITIZENS.....we see the levels of expression:

- at the surafce level of daily affairs - Clerk of Courts
- at a bio-physics subliminal level - Physics J.CLERK Maxwell of Courts
- at an atomic brain level we have DANE County Citizens brain electron
...AND the electron models of Niels Bohr and their approximation to human atomic thoughts

- Clerk of Circuit Court --> inside the brain we have Nature's electron biology government...we see the ....Clerk of Circuit Court becomes
J.Clerk Maxwell + Brain circuits --> brain electron circuit COURT with symbolic understanding and self-awareness.

Thus we are provided with a partial PICTURE of a brain map design (internal) and the internal brain attempt to explain itself...via external maps/external activities and institutions.
This was explained already in year 1872 by Herbert Spencer ...with clues provided by several other authors....including Arthur Schopenhauer, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Lewis Carroll, Russell/Whithead, Bergson,etc

A summary LIST of some Science War battles and the usage of human agents

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Today, the world is really a symbolic world.....with physical entities as a secondary structure.
Lets look at Darwin evolution. For millions of years Nature was concerned with physical shape and sizes of various animals, birds, humans, etc ; but, in the last 100 years that aspect has been sort of discontinued.....and Nature has concentrated on human brain symbolic evolution.

Now we think of the symbolic a separate entity ..that we interact with. In this interaction process with math equations and atomic English language...we make additions, modifications,etc. Thus a bi-directional process with Nature's intellect.

In the continuum we exist as intermediates....the human intermediate.
The continuum is perceived in 2 parts: physical and symbolic.

Thus we have a brief continuum outline with:

atomic --> molecular cell biology --> chemistry humans <-- 
...............................astronomy <--astrophysics

with the above structures embedded in mathematical-physics space /time on EARTH LAB with the North Pole magnetic field LIFE interaction with human Hemoglobin iron proteins.


The modern atomic  English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters ? the same letters that are found in the ISO basic Latin alphabet:


Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)




Thus as William Shakespeware stated around year 1600 ..

"The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors"




Examples of continuum CONFLICT messages with human thought ERRORS:

--> Nature's government of DNA nucleotides T,A,G, C
selected biochemistry textbook Major Hasan for the Fort Hood
T,A,G message for the   penTAGon codon.


DNA has 64 codons......thus the DNA military group ...pen.TAG.on is one of 64.
Why are incomplete explanations given by humans about Nature's projects and DNA intellect?

Hence, Nature's expresssion of anger about the DNA role, message, and purpose...and the incorrect social policy messages by universities.
Thus the Darwinian selection of biochemistry MAJOR Hasan for Nature's SCIENCE WAR with the nonsense brain manipulations approved by Washington, D.C. and its biased version of atomic continuum social engineering projects.

--> wave mechanics physics messages by atomic element Na -->
11 protons of the sodium component of  SALT  ..... sodium atomic weight 23 ---> Salt treaty messages for the Navy and the U.S.S Cole tragedy of October 12,2000.
The wave mechanics physics message repeated for the NAVY at Cole Hall, Ocean Classroom in DeKalb, Illinois.


Salt is sodium chloride ..symbol NaCl....with atomic element Mr.Na as the atomic political science representative for the periodic atomic table of life (both physical and symbolic).
We see Nature's intellect express its atomic political science powers with the SALT molecule agent Mr.NaCl. What is the atomic brain .... electron thought ... election process?

In year 1980 we have the brain
electron political decision DEMO with

elect Ron Reagan President of brain electron circuits.
Universities have yet to acknowledge the existence of such brain electron activity and expression....since their thoughts are preoccupied with Hollywood movies, songs and dances, and college football.
Take basketball to dribble ....subset word
......ask an intellectual question ....get a dribble answer.

In year 1992, Margaret Mead nuclear family politics is with agent Mr.NaCl.
Thus we have Salt molecule with inorganic chemistry
President NaCl = North america Clinton.
Universities and scientific societies refuse to help explain this process. They ain't talking with me.

--> Organic chemistry -->social chemistry battle at Virginia TECH with agent Mr.CHO for the organic chemistry government of Nature. The atomic English language agent chosen to represent the EARTH LAB chemistry government of Nature was Mr.CHO --> symbolic life of a textbook with CHO = CH symbol used in Organic chemistry --> CH = Carbon Hydrogen building block O= Organic chemistry.

The American Chemistry Society Organic Division and the Royal Society for Chemistry ....ought recognize existence of REALITY, the Science War casualties, and daily life. Other things exist besides their mouth organic chemistry device with atomic English nouns/verbs..that has SENT a message ...that is ignored. This is NO trival matter in world affairs.

--> THe base 16 hexadecimal intellectual ERRORS by various groups...

Hence, the CAUSE --> EFFECT on brain judgement errors by agent Matt Anderson representing the Base 16 Hex"FFA" Wisconsin farm organization and their data fields on COMPUTER EARTH system 370 geography.

Also, the CAUSE --> EFFECT on airplane pilots of the Base 16 HEX'FAA' organization and their policy for data space on EARTH. Thus the Runway 26 message of the 26 letters of the English language symbolic life and ...a LEXICON message for Lexington, Kentucy coma people... an message represented by the COMA AIRLINES accident.
Since, Nature can influence human brain decisions..the pilots brains were flipped into accident mode for Nature's DEMO mess/message to Washington,DC.
The Base 16 hexadecimal agency HEX"FAA" and CITIZENS ought learn the basics of EARTH government space/time laws and their interaction with humans who trepass ..the boundaries of mathematical-physics. The 400 year Galileo astronomy math-physics WAR is still in progress.

--> The O = Oxygen molecule social adjustment project by the periodic atomic table government using Darwinian atomic selection of oxygen atomic computer TIME agent: TIM.othy McVeigh(t) --> eigh(t) = 8 oxygen electron LUNG processor. Thus this EARTH LAB human specimen has his atomic brain computer programmed ....with Margaret Mead atomic anthropology behaviorial instructions.

Then the oxygen INTELLECT...having chosen a human specimen for the atomic anthropology war....had to design a OXYGEN mission. To optimize the SIGNAL .....for molecular cell biology professors that have a Signal Recognition Particle (SRP)......oxygen decided to use its atomic features as a DISPLAY of oxygen message processing systems.

Thus we have atomic number 16 OXYGEN with 8 electrons .....thus the design parameter numbers for LIFE and Death of 16 8 at the Federal Building at O= Oxygen breathing location in O = Oklahoma City.
Thus the 16 oxygen 8 EVENT SIGNAL of 168 dead.......
oxygen states that
those SAMPLE SPACE humans were brain dead, physically alive before the EVENT....
and after the tragedy ...they were brain dead, physically dead .


From Nature's view of EARTH LAB......UNCLE SAM implies SAMPLE Space with the year 1865 Lewis Carroll description of guinea-pigs. So this process has been known for over 120 years.

The SCIENCE WARS --> atomic neutrons and their Brain Radio neurotransmitters transmission of symbolic War Commands

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William Shakespeare around year 1600 wrote:
.....................The WORLD is a stage and we are the actors"
Today we have the " The WORLD is a Science WAR stage and humans act as shooting actors"

Thus if humans are actors....programmable bio-computers....then who/what process is programming the

Humans are composed of atoms and math equations and atomic English languages.
Humans have social, political, and theological thoughts.
Therefore, atoms,math and symbol life are the origins of thought...with the human being just a substrate/a vehicle/ a structure used to express Nature's intellect VIA atomic thoughts.

Thus we have the Hierarchy Problem of bio-physics and the STANDARD MODEL of an atomic human standing on 2-legs with a mouth ..with Margaret Mead atomic anthropology undercover agent Governor BLA for FermiLAB in the the STATE of MIND --> State of Ill/sick noise....which is a parallel to the Earth LAB geography STATE of Illinois.

The periodic atomic table government has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT is a 4-legged Schrodinger physics cat. Another FORMAT are 2-legged atomic HUMANS with a symbolic brain computer.

Looking at these humanoid structures...they are just messengers/agents for the periodic atomic table government and its intellectual life forms...known as symbolic life --> subjects--> like genetics, biochemistry, linear algebra math, astronomy, etc.

These symbol life forms  (nouns, concepts, math equations)  exist in an optical CITY in the optical nerve/symbolic brain computer .....and are independent from the brain portion used for daily routine affairs (eating and social talk).



In the past, the phrase ..the QUEEN and her subjects ( 2-legged men and women).
Today..the phrase..the QUEEEN and her subjects (Serious textbooks of atomic thought expressions: biochemistry, physics, organic chemistry, calculus, engineering,etc).

Lets look at the modern atomic QUEEN --> QUE + EN -->
atomic anthropology information QUEUE with Energy levels ...simliar to the physics models of the BOHR atom. .

Thus we see the Hierarchy Structure of the atomic table and its usage of humanoid expressions.



Lets look at an outline of some levels ....

-Primary source --> orginal atomic thought ..routed to

-Intermediate level -> biochemistry /genetics/ brain electron lab RD

- human output level --> messages at lunch between university classes.

Thus we have various intermediate levels ...from the atomic thought.
In a sense we have an atomic decison tree --> route to an intermediate --> Human thoughts

Nature can..if necessary use a lot of influence...when it wants to send a
social engineering feedback SIGNAL. The only SIGNAL that humans the tragic SIGNAL...since other Margaret Mead atomic bio-physics nuclear arms, elbows, mouth SALT TREATY signals are ignored.   

The atomic continuum Standard Model Hierarchy Problem --> the atomic anthropology problem --> BLOG WARS

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The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (EARTH Lab) project has a few names:
- Recapture of Planet Earth
- Galileo the DEFENDER (of Earth)
- Solar System 370 and the subset Computer EARTH processing WAR machine

Given the larger context mentioned above....we have the EARTH Lab science wars with human participants. Everyone is involved....that is why individuals must understand the situation.

Nature's military does not accept the excuse --> " I didn't know about the SCIENCE WARS; besides I am innocent, its their fault".

Pointing fingers at others implies that your MIND is part of a Carl Jung collective unconsciousness ...a large group of people who fail to understand simple societal structural concepts. Thus the group members point fingers at other groups ..with some flimsy explanation about conflict situations.

It's a NICE theatrical performance of innocence......that William Shakespeare described around
year 1600 --> The world's a stage and we are the players.

Today--> The world's an atomic stage and we are the Margaret Mead nuclear family atomic social players'.




The SCIENCE WARS began around 1995. The subject was mentioned before then; but the name didn't become well known until the 1995 time period. However, if we consider history, Galileo was involved in an astronomy SCIENCE WAR with the church from 1616 ....and then in 1632 it became a serious problem for Galileo.

Galileo Galilei
Justus Sustermans - Portrait of Galileo Galilei, 1636.jpg
Portrait of Galileo Galilei by Giusto Sustermans
Born 15 February 1564[1]
Pisa,[1] Duchy of Florence, Italy
Died 8 January 1642 (aged 77)[1]
Arcetri,[1] Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Italy
Residence Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Italy
Nationality Italian (Tuscan)
Fields Astronomy, physics and mathematics



Galileo Galilei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Galileo Galilei 5] was an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution. His achievements ...



Thus the science conflicts and philosophy debates have existed under different proper noun labels.

For our purpose ...1990 and the start of the SCIENCE WARS.

For a simplicity we have several major wars underway:
1) Science wars
2) Neuroscience Wars
3) the Integer math wars --> INTERNET wars
4) the Biology math wars --> BLOG war zone



To understand the situation, a human analyst ought take the
VIEW of Shakespeare from year 1600 --> transferred to North American STAGE at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

Humans are composed of atoms and math functions.
Humans have thoughts.
Therefore, atoms/ math are the origin of all social thoughts.

Thus we are human expressors of more fundamental forces and desires of Nature. We are actors for various parts of the EARTH government and Nature's intellect. We see this evolution of atomic thoughts with the following example.


Millions of years ago ...the periodic atomic table government and photons/electromagnetic Hertzian wave government formed an elemental botany engineering design team for Nature....and designed photosynthesis which built cellulose trees.



Then the atoms (in the tree cellulose) thought it could use a humanoid friend/ buddy..thus came into existence the cellulose TREE BUD photosyntheses enlightment messenger: BUD--> BUDDHA.
Today Buddhists refuse diplomatic recognition of Nature's BOTANY government and refuse to acknowledge the Nitrogen cycle. The 14th Dalai Lama is receiving incomplete advice from the science community and world governments.

But the evoution thought process continues with math decision trees used by human engineers and business.

Thus our subliminal minds; our Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness has within it ...Nature's biological computer subroutines and their symbolic engine vectors...that can affect our destiny .



An example is the molecular cell biology government of Nature and its DNA social process control system.



Nature wanted to send an INTELLECTUAL message to the DNA nucleotides T,A,G group known as the pen.TAG.on .....that they are receiving incorrect and incomplete advice from university THINK TANKS and military consultants and Washington,DC intellectuals --> who are mis-representing the period atomic table of LIFE and its social policies. Thus Nature's Darwinian atomic selection process chose Virginia TECH biochemistry Major Hasan as a SCIENCE WAR messenger at Fort Hood Soldier READ Center.


The Pentagon, Washington,DC and Virginia TECH deny the existence of atomic English language. Thus the Darwinian atomic selection of the atomic English language messenger .... CHOSEN ONE --> Mr.CHO. Atomic mass messages are sent VIA mass communications media as television and why are incomplete explanations of these tragedies given by atomic human newspaper reporters.

Sartre wrote about existentialism and its multi-faceted dimensional expressions on EARTH LAB..and he wrote the play "NO EXIT" for modern BS nonsense stories. Since universities will not assist in clarification of these clues...we have the modern LIVE theater play "NO EXIT".

--> Northern Illinois ...Cole Hall NO EXIT from the George Orwell OCEANIA classroom shooting

--> Virgina TECH ....NO EXIT from the English language symbolic ARMY shooting

--> Fort Hood ...advanced biochemistry TEXTBOOK battle at the Soldier READ Center
NO EXIT from the molecular cell biology war on READ(ing) nonsense conclusions in newspapers and magazines. While the surface facts of an event are accurate...the newspapers omit the deeper messages from the EARTH LAB atomic/astrophysics continuum.