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Tenzin Gyatso of Tibet Math and Fermat's Last Theorem with Andrew Wiles and Kip S. Thorne

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TenZin Gyatso of Tibet math
March 9, 2010 by zinjan

As a man who respects the TREE of KNOWLEDGE, he understands that the religious PATH to RIGHTEOUSNESS is the geometric RIGHT triangle and the contemplation path: PYTH.agorean Theorem. Thus Tenzin gives us his interpretation of BIG TEN university math in Madison, Wisconsin. Let exponent 2 = exp 2

General equation:
X exp 2 + Y exp 2 = Z exp 2

Tenzin equation:
10 exp 2 + 10 exp 2 = Z exp 2
100 + 100 = Z exp 2
200 = Z exp 2

The square root of 200 = 14.14 = Z

Hence, Buddhist algebra religious messenger the 14th Dalai Lama.

The mathematical spiritual component of life within TenZin GyaTSO.

14th Dalai Lama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 14th Dalai Lama (religious name: Tenzin Gyatso, shortened from Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, born Lhamo Dondrub, 6 July ...

The square root of 200 = 14.14 = Z


The Pythagorean theorem is an evolutionary precursor to the general equation of symbolic li.Fe --> Ferrous oxide atom physical life and its symbolic thought life intially expressed thru Ferrous oxide atomic iron Hemoglobin proteins of atomic humanoid Fer.Mat.

Thus the primordial math soul evolution from Pythagoreas to modern ferrous oxide humanoid structures...such as Andrew Wiles at Princeton (Fermat theory) and the (Fermat application) at CALTECH.


CALTECH has the Feynman scholar equation: Fe + yn + man -->
Ferrous oxide atomic math + y exponent n + mantissa of MAX BORN mathematical-physics logarithmic life born in LOGAN, Utah.

Kip Thorne
Kip Thorne at Caltech.jpg
Born June 1, 1940 (age 72)
Logan, Utah

More research needs to be done on these astrophysics LOCAL REGION Earth Lab experimental subjects. They ain't talking; because their subliminal math mind wants to challenge us finite thinkers with a math life .. math religious puzzle.

Is there a math life relationship between Fermat's last theorem and the Fermentation of California grapes into California wine ....and their convergence within these specimen human data processors? Thus we have input data...both symbolic and physical into these gentlemen.

And we have their output books and papers...that give us clues to the subliminal process within them...within all of us. Thus we have .... atomic psychology and math social psychology.

Many people have illness, because they have algebra and plane geometry deficiencies.
Thus, in year 2011, mathematical-physics is a pending new field of  brain SYMBOL MACHINE  medicine and psychology.

For example the quadratic equation has amazing brain medicinal powers.
Nothing like a few algebra exercises to cure those people that spend excesssive time on a cellular phone (blabbering illness...not good for the evolution of the Central Nervous System 370 brain symbolic processor).

Also, their blabber contanimates the Carl Jung collective unconsciouness and the James Joyce stream of consciouness.

Would Charles Darwin approve of this nonsense? Would NATURE approve of this volume of societal trivia talk? The answer is NO. Thus we see the Darwinian intellectual war component of the SCIENCE WARS.

Lewis Carroll informed us around year 1865 of our guinea-pig status....myself and my symbolic brain computer included.

Also: What is the theological relationship between the Chicago Polish GODZIN , TENZIN, the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropolgy book by Leon Lederman: The God Particle and the next stage of  information evolution ...
Polish Godzin Particle Physics.

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