The secret mission of various undercover Science RD agents and groups. The theory of interaction of Nature's forces with the human substrate to become social forces and vectors. Atomic mass communication identifies atomic human agent attributes.


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Herb Zinser analysis of the the Science Wars reveals the DUAL nature of a human ---> indivi.DUAL. How does the DUALITY principle affect you? We have the our personnal..... TALE of 2 Cities. The 1st is the obvious level as seen in our daily activities (work, study,etc) and our daily relationships with other people, schools, government agencies,etc. The 2nd .... less visible is our subliminal mind/ subconscious mind and its various relationships to Nature's forces and atomic elements. For example, gravity interacts with brain atomic mass giving gravity thoughts. The human gravity thought people are then partitioned into different human sub-species for easy identification .... for Earth Lab social experiments. WHO are you? Nature's military atoms, photons, nouns, equations .... and the geometry trapezoids are asking about your identity.


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