The secret messages of Darwin selection of symbol agents , language agents, and RD agents

The theory of the Earth Lab atomic / astrophysics anthropology continuum finds empirical data on physics WEB SITE: 70 MeV MacGregor. Atomic English language reviews the double meaning in the book " The Power of Alpha".

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The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION ( EARTH LAB ) is an interesting experimental test region for curious individuals. Curious individuals...such as math, physics, and chemistry researchers publish books and articles ... thus providing others like myself with CLUES as to the structure of EARTH LAB and the multi-faceted dimensions of Sartre existentalism .

The usage of the atomic English language alphabet ...the 26 letters of the 26 protons of the ferrous oxide atom ..... within the iron myoglobin proteins in the writing muscles of the arm, wrist, and hand of an atomic human with label: Malcolm H. MacGregor ..... enables others to understand the deeper messages of his WEBSITE.

Let's look at the atomic communications pathway.


The modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters ? the same letters that are found in the ISO basic Latin alphabet:


Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)





Lets consider this as a puzzle ..... as he states in his book preface: "this book is about the phenomenolgy of the elementary particle". Thus, lets look at this phenomena via the VIEW of Earth Lab and Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthropolgy ..... in other words..... atomic social anthropology, atomic brain decisions, atomic behavior and actions......VIA the atomic bio-physics experimental structures on Earth Lab....with label: human.




The theory of human social experiments was described long-ago with:
Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll
chapter 11
Jan 11, 2011 ? Who Stole the Tarts? ... In the very middle of the court was a table, with a large dish of tarts upon it: they looked so good, .... Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered , andwas immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. ...




What mystery CLUES do MacGregor and his associate Palazzi provide?

==> 1st we see WEB page title --> The Power of Alpha

Words --> There is a double meaning
Translate --> there may be multiple answers to one statement; just like a math polynomial equation of degree n ... has n root answers. For example, the quadratic equation has one question; what are its roots? The equation has 2 answers.

Words --> There is double meaning (thus double agents MacGregor and Paazzi) with the secret identifer 70 MeV  giving the James Bond molecular bond code: Double # 0007 = 14.
14 of course is the Nitrogen atom into their DR.NO atomic bio-physics noses.....Dr.NO being N= Nitrogen and O = Oxygen. Then, the reader with atomic brain ... once reminded of James Bond and the social chemistry movies and paperback books; thinks of Ian Fleming.





Then the POWER of ALPHA .....atomic ALPHABET extension gives the secret British science agent:

Frontier Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions
Frontier Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions [Paperback].
Ian Fleming ( Author).

Frontier molecular orbital theory -
In chemistry, frontier molecular orbital theory is an application ofMO theory describing ... Hoffman's work focused on creating a set of four pericyclic reactions in organic chemistry, based on orbital symmetry, which .... Ian Fleming ( 1978).








Thus we see the subtle atomic mass --> mass conmmunications methods used by book publishers and authors. MO theory includes the Modus Operandi of molecules in human FORMAT and their molecular communications systems VIA words. Thus the phrase "reading between the lines" describes this indirect communications method.
Thus we study the Ian Fleming SIGNAL ...... based on orbital symmetry .....
For this study ,we start with the MacGregor word clues about his atomic friends.

words --> There is double meaning in the title
words on another WEB Page --> Paolo Palazzi
words --> Italians living in Geneva with
Genva = Gene + Va = atomic genetics and Va-interacion of Enrico Fermi

and the DOUBLE Meaning ..... signal about the Galileo astronomy book "Two Chief World Systems" .... with TWO and word DOUBLE equivalent. Thus we see the Italian messages from Galileo to modern Italian living in Geneva, Switzerland.

Thus we have MacGregor's Italian connection to the atomic/ astronoomy (astrophysics) continuum via the indivi.dual agent Palazzi ....and his DUAL nature. What is this Nature?

We look at the above information?

1) Galileo with Italian study of astronomy orbitals.
2) Fermi/Palazzi with the Italian study of atomic orbitals.

MacGregor words " Double" and the other message....
frontier molecular orbital theory is an application ...
based on orbital symmetry, which .... Ian Fleming .


Thus we VIEW agent Palazzi... composed of atomic orbitals ..... also, as a symbolic contruction of orbitals .....
with the ORBITAL theory of ITALIAN language orbital messages.

The word ORBITAL has subset alphabet letters
.............ITAL ...which is the foundation for the
.............ITALian language message system ...which had 2 primary messengers

...the Galileo orbitals
...the Fermi orbitals

thus, spanning the atomic orbital / solar sytem orbital information continuum ...of which Palazzi is in theory...... a year 2013 continuum communications representative.




Thus we have important Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ... empircal data VITAL to researchers in supersymmetry theory. The Theory of Everything includes EARTH LAB and its various subsets ...such as myself and other curious individuals whose bio-computer brain atoms have the curiosity attribute. Thus Palazzi may have many science secrets within his inner soul..... like MacGregor.



What may be such a secret?
- The Milky Way Galaxy and the data processing birth of the Solar System SUN gave rise to
9 planets ( 9 data bits plans = 8 data bits + 1 error checking bit)

- then the PP = Parallel Processing agent = Paolo Palazzi .... went thru
a data processing processes (the 9 planet plan of 9 months = 8 months + 1 month error checking bit) the birth of a symbolic SON (phonetic sound SUN = SON) with identifier  PP .

Italian astronomer's deny this aspect of their orbital heritage and the orbital CHAIN of Command .... a component of the Office of Science physics Hierarchy Problem.

- then this Computer Earth LAB experimental specimen (agent PP) began breathing the oxygen orbitals with 8 electron orbital data bits ....
and for ITALIANs with Italian language .... eventually started speaking
electron orbital subset word
language ....ital --> extended to italian......



Thus we see the periodic atomic table and its atomic families or 18 atomic columns.
The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression....such as atoms in a bio-physics standing / atomic column format with name: Malcolm (see WEBSITE picture). Thus atomic column messenger agent:   Malcolm

Malcolm H. MacGregor


Then we look at these atomic families and the electron
...ital .... extended atomic family expressions ....
...italian families and their
orbital language extension
...italian language such as the Italians in Switzerland.

Thus we see Darwinian evolution from
atomic families to
organic chemistry families to
humanoid families.

We also have Earth Lab specimen from PERU ....
Pier Oddone ..who could to be analyzed from this VIEW.... that is based on the theory that he
is an atomic bio-physics humanoid. Does empircal data exist to confiorm this?
The atomic geography map of EARTH gives PERU = Per + U = Periodic table Uranium in Margaret Mead atomic anthropology format.
Thus we have 2 representations of Uranium on earth...
the physical atom used by nuclear power plants to generate electricity
the symbolic uranium expressions via symbolic humanoid players Shakespeare stated " The World is a stage and we are the actors"..
Thus the innocent statement in the WEBSITE...the Double meaning has far-reaching effects..... including Nature's double-blind statistcal test of Margaret Mead atomic anthropology.
words --> There is double meaning in the title " The Power .....
math translation --> double is base 2 binary and power referes to exponents ...thus a signal to IBM Tom Watson Labs about base 2 exponent n.

Thus World War 2 axis powers was really a SCIENCE WAR aboutBASE 2 powers and algebra quadratic equation graphs with the x,y geometry axis. History could use an upgrade ..... compared to the Hollywood history version taught on the university campus. The surface veneer of history is accurate; but the deeper meanings are covered-up. Why do modern mathematicians allow this? Rudolp Carnap already covered this issue in Foundations of Logic and Mathematics.
This just 1 sentence .... has many consequences to the atomic human brain .... a symbolic computer.
Lets look at another WEBSITE message ...

words --> for the past 37 years
signal --> atomic human body temperature at 37.0 degees Celsius ..... thus giving his parallel processing signal / the supersymmtery of his biocomputer to the IBM system 370 OS/JCL copper wire computer.

bio-computer <-- system 370 mirror -> copper wire main frame
Thus the important LINK for number 137 ... and the LUNG oxygen atomic computer..
atomic mass 16 --> base 16 hexadecimal atomic processor. Thus the atomic aspect of the government of the United States with the GREAT SEAL ..... one out of many 37 = 137.
We know that Galileo in year 16 16..... represented Nature's project plan to format
space/time into Base 16 SPACE and Base 16 TIME ..... thus giving after 370 years the extension of Einstein's field theory toEinstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory thus giving rise to the modern battlefield in base 16 EARTH region HEX"A" = 10 and Hex"F" = 15 ...... the AF.ghanistan war zone in year 2011. Hypnotized scientists deny such possibilities. The year 2011 Aldous Huxley BRAVE NEW WORLD ...... desperately needs brave thinkers.
Lets continue with signal 70 .....

numeric 7 = Nitrogen atom
alphabet 0 = Oxygen atom = Metabolism vectors organ = LUNG --> a biophysics signal

This is enhanced by his Margaret Mead atomic anthropolgy CODE
used by physics professors....QCD

QCD = Quintessential Charles Darwin
What is the MacGregor and Palazzi...Charles Darwin puzzle?

The WEBSITE states ...information by Californians living in Santa Cruz, USA on the edge of the Pacific Rim. What CLUES exist.

1st we consider key word: Californians ...suggesting such thinkers as Kip S. Thorne at Caltech astrophysics and his British parallel Stephen Hawking. The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) point of view is considered with the EARTH as an algebraic subset of the galaxy. Thus astrophysics theories and equations and concepts ..... useful for describing the large universe or SET ...... ought be useful in describing a subset .... such as EARTH and its events and affairs.

2nd CLUE living .... on the edge --> suggests the usage of the astrophysics concept EVENT HORIZON .. to perceive earthly happenings and structures. The Pacific Rim ??????

Galaxy ..... the whole large set.....subset
Galaxy .... Solar System 370 computer EARTH ... subset
Galapagos Islands

3rd Clue ....words:
Santa Cruz, USA on the edge of the Pacific Rim.
Santa Cruz, USA --> Universe SA = Sample space
Santa Cruz, USA --> Universe South America

combined with Galaxy subset area .... Galapagos Islands.

Charles Darwin Research Station - Galapagos
The Darwin Station is the working Galapagos based branch of the international, ... Located just outside of Puerto Ayora on the Island of Santa Cruz, a visit to the ...

Thus we EARTH LAB evolution in process with the original

Darwin Station at Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, SA

and then the new algebra set

Darwin Station (atomic station) at Santa Cruz Island/CITY in Califorrnia,     Union with SA giving

signal USA.... the algebraic Union on sample spaces.



Now the original Darwin Station was concerned with physical evolution of reptiles, etc.
while the newer Darwin Station is concerned with atomic brain and its symbolic evolution ...VIA the atomic brain  ...  a bio-computer SYMBOL MACHINE processor  ..... the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbol computer.





Thus we see the atomic/astrophysics continuum and its expresion VIA supersymmetry / parallel processing / mirrors of Santa Cruz.

Earlier we mentioned the birth of the data processing Solar System .... and subsequently COMPUTER EARTH system 37O with various data processing regions such as the BAL city of Baltimore = Bal = Basic Assembler Language. Other blogs mentioned the BAL war regions of World War 2 ... the geography data regions of BAL = Baltic region and Balkans.

In such a context, we see COMPUTER EARTH and its VSAM data space CA = Control Area such as California which includes the
Galactic city of Santa Cruz and astrophysics universities like CALTECH .... thus suggesting .... the Galapagos .... EARTH computer science equation:

Galapagos --> Ga + la + Pag + os --> which when expanded into clear words ...

Galaxy + Load Address + Page + OS/JCL version for geography (parallel IBM copper software).

Thus if the galactic computer ...i.e the Solar System with 9 data bit planets has a problem ..that data processing problem may be reflected by EARTH abend events or tragedies.
Such is the case it seems, according to the Universe TOE physics theory (UTOE). Thus UTOEYA, Norway battle involved the Unified Theory of Everything.

Thus we have
Galaxy Load Address (Lapland region such as Norway) computer ram.PAGE error OS/JCl for OSLO.

Someday, European scientists may wish to consider including empirical data in their perception of world events. Hollywood movie script writers and newspaper reporters who took creative writing class in college ..... may be nice guys ... and may have good intentions ... but, a serious scientist has to look deeper. While news reports provide an accurate description of the surface veneer of a tragedy (date, time, place, causes. victims) ... often there are deeper factors at play. As William Shakespeare stated around year 1600 ....

" The WORLD is a stage and we are the players"

Today, "The WORLD is a shooting stage and we are the atomic processing layers" ... that is the Maragret Mead atomic social anthropology SCIENCE WAE casualties.

I wish to thank the many physics, math, chemistry authors for their books and college textbooks ..... which help me understand the details of Grand Unified Theory . . . and how atomic detectives provide CLUES for larger puzzles.

Remember the MacGregor keywords:
- double
- power --> math exponents
- alpha --> atomic alphabet
- Malcolm --> columns of atomic families
- 37 --> atomic human thermodynamic processor
- 137
- 70 MeV --> Metabolism vectors of LIVER agents from Livermore
- Santa Cruz --> Darwinian evolution to symbolic species

Finally, we have President Eisenhower and the military industrial complex .... that is math military complex variables ..... such as modern math political powers of complex power series ZZ.
Thus we see a possible symbolic math military warrior ....
of the ZZ complex math puZZle with bio-math life in the format of
...PalaZZi ...with letter i the subscript of a powers series.

This covers about 5 percent of the MacGregor book and WEBSITE. Much work remains.
Books by Leon Lederman and others .... also contain additional CLUES.
Thus the reader of such books .... using high school science and math books / college freshman science textbooks as references .... can study the atomic societal extensions of MacGregor or Lederman books. Thus the modern Sherlock Holmes is born .... or as Detective Hercule Poirot...use the gray cells --> gravity cells that interact with brain atomic mass and its atomic thoughts ...the interaction giving gravity thoughts?




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