Dr.Watson's secret cryptic messages explain modern wars.

Dr. Watson explains the DNA origin of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and atomic English language evolution

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DR.Watson in Afghanistan is mentioned in the Sherlock Holmes story the " Reigate Puzzle". Can this puzzle help year 2013 English language soldiers in Afghanistan ...the British soldiers and the American soldiers? Yes.



The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Adventure 6: ?The Reigate Puzzle?    


Three days later we were back in Baker Street together; but it was evident that my friend would be much the better for a change, and the thought of a week of spring time in the country was full of attractions to me also. My old friend, Colonel Hayter, who had come under my professional care in Afghanistan, had now taken a house near Reigate in Surrey, and had frequently asked me to come down to him upon a visit.


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International forces will provide advice to Afghan military until 2020

The Guardian ‎- 2 days ago


Senior military sources say Nato will continue to play major role as Afghan forces are unprepared for 2014 withdrawal.

UK forces: operations in Afghanistan - Detailed guidance - GOV.UK

The UK forces deployed to Afghanistan from April to September 2013 on Operation Herrick 18 include elements of the following Royal Navy, Royal Marines, ...



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Physical army



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Intellectual army of symbols and concepts 

 Operation Herrick 18 include elements 

 Operation Herrick 18 include elements of water moelcule atomic mass 18  

Water signal ... algebra subset =  Wat --> Watson military code for British


John H. Watson
Sherlock Holmes character
Paget holmes.png
Dr. Watson (left) and Sherlock Holmes, by Sidney Paget.
First appearance A Study in Scarlet
Last appearance "His Last Bow"
Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Gender Male
Occupation Physician
Title Doctor







By understanding the atomic English language and the modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family - atomic social anthropology ..........serious Sherlock Holmes analysts may help upgrade the atomic bio-physics symbolic DATA STREAM of consciousness that our atomic brain symbolic computer uses to make decisions...including military decisions.

The atomic brain needs more accurate,multi-level models of reality; rather then the detailed surface veneer explanations printed in newspapers. Those details are a good starting point for modern day Sherlock Holmes symbolic sons and daughters....and these modern Sherlock Holmes students have a duty to carry on his tradition.....in figuring out the hidden details of a tragic EVENT and its significance. After 4 years of pondering over the nuclear anthropology component of the STANDARD Model physics Hierarchy Problem ...I would like to enlist serious thinkers into the process....that may want an interesting activity ...as a substitute for passive television,etc.

First, we must realize the origin of thought. Solid-state human individuals that stand on solid ground realize that they are composed of atoms; their brain is composed of atoms; therefore all thoughts must originate from the interior of the atom........that is true....unless you are ....(see the BLOG: Galileo the DEFENDER of Earth)



The periodic atomic government expresses itself in various formats.

Early formats...millions of years ago ....by the atomic design team of oxygen, nitrogen,etc. and their engineering thoughts ...were the botany cellulose plant FORMAT and the starting FORMAT for the Tree of Knowledge. Atomic designers working for the periodic table government ...then engineered dinosaurs ...and the process continued.

Then came monkeys ....etc.... and finally humans that like to monkey around with symbols and tricks ....... the conversion of the atomic English language word:
Monkey becomes the word stem (see STEM cell research tricks).
Mon + Key --> Money and Keyesian economics of 1932...with
Mon --> Monday the start of the atomic data bus ..business week

Hence, the TRUE NATURE of the 1925 MONKEY TRIAL with Tennesee school teacher John T. Scopes.... involved the Roaring Twenties ($20 Dollar Bill rackets) and then the 1932 recommended fix proposed by the Keyesian economic model. The elite Feed --> Feederal Reserve Bank and their money feed university friends ... do not discuss biased monetary history stories.

Thus the outline that you must consider
.....as you ponder the deeper levels of 1935 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
.... Carl Jung's collective unconciosness experiments with the 1950 Joseph Stalin farm collectives
......of Pavlov's recent stimulus amd repsonse experiment of the U.S.government with the economic psychology THRILL of the TRILLION dollar money stimulus for the BEDROOM mortgage housing industry.....has produced a ZERO intellectual RESPONSE. Of the television show ..DEEP SPACE NINE...with character DAX who is TRILL...is the symbolism for the TRILLION dollar manipulations with atomic brain computer subroutine name: Dax = Data axons...that trace the information flow of monetary decisions by the TRILL people and their
(human brain cell WA11--> WA11 Street insider trading ..inside the brain and the manipulation problems by the CITIZEN collective mind)
This proper philosophical perspective was expressed around year 1600 by the atomic English department of William Shakespeare:

..................... "The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

In modern concepts: "The WORLD is an atomic stage and we are the symbolic processing layers"

We will look at the modern stage performances of the Margaret Mead nuclear family - atomic social anthropology performances VIA the atomic structure of DNA. Thus the levels of our Sartre existence:

1st --> the atomic level and its intellect. At some point in evolution, the atomic intellect was curious...and said to itself... I wonder if I can design and engineer a molecule.

2nd --> the first basic molecules came into existence....and being good molecular students ..molecules learned how to think ...from their atomic parents. These basic molecules started thinking.....can we design and build a complex molecule....and so they did.
step k of this process .....can an atom have math and calculus thoughts.
Thus atom K = 19 electrons of potassium began to.... th--> hin..thin...
thinK ..of the next thought.....
thinK + 1.
step k+1 ...the origin of the law of mathematical induction and evolution. Thus an atomic biochemistry component: advanced mathematics
step n ..step o ...step p (the atomic alphabet letters n, o, p ) had a conference (millions of years ago in your primordial atomic family history) and

--> capital letter N said ..I represent the Nitrogen atom 14 for the periodic atomic table government

--> capital letter O said...I will symbolize element Oxygen 16

--> capital letter P pondered.....P = Project Plan.....what can Nitrogen and Oxygen do ....oh
they can build an atomic computer processor .....using COMPUTER EARTH system 370 concepts ....thus letters N, O, P became the 1st Nitrogen Oygen Processor and was named LU = Logical Unit = Lung base 16 hexadecimal bio-computer.

...thus the process of atomic thought and its evolution. We have an rough outline of the conceptual evolution of atomic formats...and now we shall look at a specfic outline:

Dr. Watson explains the DNA government from aproximate time period from 1872 (Herbert Spencer..Principles of Biology) thru 1910...and the consequences continue to today.

As mentioned, as the primary level of expression, we have the periodic atomic table government and its formats. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics humans that may have an active abstract brain symbolic processor....a cortex computer that tries to do accurate data processing.
Such humans are composed of DNA, thus Nature's intellect can use these EARTH LAB experimental humans as lab specimens for symbolic and social engineering experiments. Thus Nature and atoms are the directors at various existential levels AND 2-legged humanoid students and professors are the Lewis Carroll guinea-pigs (see the BLOGs that explain that).

Now lets go time period around year 1890...and position our point of view at the DNA government level and its projects of expression. The physical evolution of DNA has been mostly completed, thus the symbolic evolution of the DNA English social language becomes important (for Nature's message processing experiments ... with the Ox = Oxford University humanoid LUNG ox = oxygen atomic computer Base 16 hexadecimal awareness systems of year 1890).

Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin are advisors to the DNA government of Nature...and its DNA applications to subset human ..symbolic lab specimens. Darwin natural selection...suggested to DNA that it select a educated human ..whose name might suggest that he/she is a messenger for DNA and its symbolic life. The law of math life and algebraic subets.....was used by the DNA decision process in the symbolic selection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle .....as writer, author, messenger for the atomic English language and its molecular English language social science expressions. What was the algebraic subset rule of selection used by DNA?

Dr. Watson - 1893


Dr. Watson - 1953 appears at Cambridge with DNA

DNA --> Base 16 atomic alphabet letters + Base 4 letters.

DNA --> D e o x y r i b o n u c L e i c + A c i d

subset.. D...o ..y...................Le ................


thus Doy.Le --> DNA Subset
...........Lead messenger .....with Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson

Thus the internal social/intellectual thoughts of DNA's symbolic nature inside the biological body of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle....is converted VIA the Doyle transformation process to external messages printed on cellulose paper. Hence DR.WATSON and Sherlock Holmes are really DNA symbolic life fomats ...that VIA the DNA selected messenger DOYLE ...had their ideas printed as the SHerlock Holmes signals to Queen Victoria.....of the Victorian time period of the periodic atomic table. Other atomic govermnent humanoid messengers were:

--> Russia with Mendeleev and the atomic table
--> Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead..year 1910 Principia Mathematicia
--> and many others in math, physics, genetics,etc.

The list goes on....a demonstration of our subset relationship with NATURE'S vast intellect.

If Doyle had had a lazy brain and lazy will power . . . then he would not have been a candidate for Darwinian symbolic selection as a DNA social science ...DNA mystery messenger.

We have the approximate time period from 1872, 1884 , 1900, thru 1916 as the atomic government started its atomic mass...mass communications with science books, math books, and DNA mystery books.

Thus we come to the next stage of the DNA symbolic life ....a description of the symbolic evolution of the DNA intellect.

The year 1890 thru 1900 had:

DNA --> Base 16 atomic alphabet letters of the hexadecimal molecular computer of

DNA --> D e o x y r i b o n u c L e i c with

subset   D...o ..y...............Le ................

the external proper noun label (Doyle) of physical entity Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ...while his internal government is composed of the :
DeoxyribonucLeic 16 data processing symbols.

Repeating the concept:
--> his internal government has the complete DNA algebra of 16/16ths = 1
of the DNA word: DeoxyribonucLeic while

--> his external identifier is the subset word Doyle which is 5/16 of DeoxyribonucLeic.
Thus we have the Missing LINK ...missing message problem of the anthropology family.

The book: Contact by Carl Sagan addresses this communication issue under the auspices of radio astronomy.

Doyle is 5/16 of DeoxyribonucLeic leaving a remainder of 11/16 ....11 is the mathematical integer attribute of FermiLAB bio-physics SKU11 problem..the Standard Model Hierarchy Problem.
The Fer m i _ _ LAB--> missing gestalt completion letters
........m i _ _ --> is 1/2 of the atomic word: mind
........m i _ d --> 3/4 of mind = component blood plas.MID
........m i n d --> Nature's completion of atomic mind

FermiLab theorists thought they solved the math number 11 ...SKU11 problem using the Spanish Language agent from Peru to use spanned numeric data records to bridge over the EVEN intger atomic mathematical-physics data space.

Thus Office of Science selection of odd integer agent:
Pier ODD.One = 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, SKU11.

Thus the ODD integer agent is 1/2 of math life as clearly stated by their proper noun EARTH LAB EARTH LAB identifier:
Fermi?? as in

The male scientists feel their subliminal MIND allegiance to the
female math GODDESS of ODD integers provides them with such supreme intellectual powers
that they can IGNORE modern Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology evolution ...social laws of NATURE...consequently the Hierarchy Problem of human representatuive for symbolic life and its role in Sartre existential dimensions on EARTH. Thus the illusion of FermiLAB theorists that their director of ODD integer space, their alliance with the bedroom GODDESS, their silnece about the Margaret Mead nuclear family...social anthropology project ERRORS.

Thus some of the pieces of the puzzle to the Hierarchy problem involve:
even integers...2..4..6..8..10..carbon 12 atomic clock hours of organic life fomats like Y2K humans .....and the astrophysiocs galactic LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) with Earth Lab even integer data space of sample space of EVENTS ....the EVENT HoRIZON as outlined by Hawking, Gibbons, and other undercover agents of the Milky Way military analysis team.

Now while Pier Oddone is very qualified for his job; Nature is not fooled by the Office of Science secret SPANISH trick .....of spanned data records...
or the electron orb.ITAL trick of atomic life
.....................ITAL.IAN language trick. I doubt that Pier was told the details of the Darwinian atomic selection process and the Washington,DC secrets of biased Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology policy.....in direct violation of the Margaret Mead SALT TREATY between humans and the 11 protons of Salt/sodium of the periodic atomic table government.

Nor is Nature impressed by the
economic ORBITAL theory of
............ITALY and Italian brain electron smarts amd the BS economic racketts in Kenosha Wisconsin and the Chrysler Engine factory. Fiat scientists ought explain the
Chrysler SYMBOLIC ENGINE news about BRAVE NEW WORLD...and the ALDO murder over the ALDO Huxley book. Thus we have the atomic brain structure.......components partially explained by the good gentlemen Pier ODDONE...
and his subliminal mind research into
the brain elctron orb.ITAL ...ITALIAM component and the SPAN...Allen Green.SPAN and money and SPAN.ish language inside the atom. The human is compose of atoms, therefore human thoughts must originate from inside the atom,

therefore SOCIAL languages are really symbolic SOCIAL expresions on the ATOM;
parallel are the TECHINICAL languages with their atomic expressions ...such as a nuclear power plant used to generate electricity. The university BULL-stories and secrets about the secret atomic languges are inappropraite in year 2011....and the accrediation is in question ...of majors universities and their SECRET social science mnaipulation schemes...actually well-known thru many books like: Brave New World, 1984, Battlefield Earth, Future Shock,etc.

Continuing....we have word FERMI which is 5 symbols ..
representing 5/16 of the 16 symbols of
Deoxyribonucliec theory agents in Batavia ...and Nature has
.....ribon.....a part of a ribbon of string theory...applied to
atomic social scicne stories...STRING ME ALONG with BS...a subject
covered by Rudolf Carnap in Foundations of Logic and Matheamtics...
Rules of the Semantical System B-S (Bull Shirt equation minus r = ?????)
AND section
On the construction of a Language System...
System Z (thus the atomic number of 26 protons of ferrous oxide of the iron Hemeoglobin proteins and the new version of the atomic English langauge of 26 proton alphabet letters used by humans at FermiLAB...thast continue to use out-of-date, discontinued Hemoglobin ..ironic message processing systems). I think they may have been hypnotized...as I was probably....and perhaps I have emerged from the BRAVE NEW WORLD coma.....and Nature decided I ought help explain the situation. But I could use some help also.....since this is such a complicated atomic social psychology task.....of applied bio-physics Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology.

The symbolic Fermi 5/16 leaves a remainder of 11/16 ...per number 11 of SKU11.
Thus the 11/16 of the DNA intellect....the Missing Link that will complete the DR.Watson, Sherlock Holmes equation of DeoxyribonucLeic. That hexadecimal DNA Base 16 equation was:

5/16 (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) + 11/16 = 1 complete DNA intellectual unit


The answer lies in Zino particle which is tied to the number 11 of Nature's ZINJAN Sku11 project and involves many factors.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Conan doyle.jpg
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Born Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle
22 May 1859
Edinburgh, Scotland
Died 7 July 1930 (aged 71)
Crowborough, East Sussex, England
Occupation Novelist, short story writer, poet, physician
Nationality Scottish
Citizenship British

100 years after Sir Arther Conan Doyle

... his symbolic son Governor Doyle of Wisconsin

44th Governor of Wisconsin
In office
January 6, 2003 ? January 3, 2011
Lieutenant Barbara Lawton
Preceded by Scott McCallum
Succeeded by Scott Walker



Thus .. these factors and Wisconsin citizens that can display ZIN knowledge... can explain the puzzle of the Reigate Puzzle.