The partition of the geography surface of EARTH LAB

The astrophysics Schrodinger cat experiment on EARTH LAB. The earth (box) geography surface partition into two Cambridge DAMTP West Roads --> is the human cool cat dead / alive?

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The atrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is an interesting test location. A distant astrophysics observer ....... would see the earth as an atomic structure. Thus viewed, we could consider the astrophysics view of the Schrodinger 2 quantum states ...using EARTH LAB events as data events.

These empirical data events would provide important clues about the EARTH atomic/astrophysics social engineering continuum.

atomic levels <--intermediate humans--> astrophysics levels


Schrödinger's cat -
Schrödinger's cat -
Schrödinger's cat -According to Schrödinger, the Copenhagen interpretation implies that the cat remains both alive and dead (to the universe outside the box) until the box is ...

Schrödinger's cat -
Now we have guys that lived thru the 1950's and 1960's.
They may be considered " one cool cat". 
If they were, then they ought acknowledge modern life....
if they want to keep/or remain/ or become
....part of the new type of "cool cat".

Are their intellectual "cool cats" still in existence at
West Coast universities. In year 2012, they have to
recognize modern existence instead of Hollywood
English class creative writing 101. Thus such professors and students remain to be discovered VIA the self-discovery process of the atomic brain and its symbolic bio-computer.

- Search Results Urban Dictionary:
A word to use when you don't know what else to say, or when you are ... "that's one cool cat.
- What is the meaning of "a cool cat"? - Yahoo! Answers
So a "Cool cat" meant an extraordinary hip person
- In the 50s "cool" was an undefinable quality that makes something or someone extraordinary and "cat" was a hip or hep person. So a "Cool cat" meant an extraordinary hip or hep person.
- 60's Slang
These are a few of the slang words that were used in the sixties. ....
Cool, groovy, neat, neato; said of a person, ..

Thus the Darwinian evolution of quantum thought concepts.





The New Scientist magazine ...


Thus in 1935, we have a 4-legged cat in the box experiment.
Then we have Darwinian evolution of the Schrodinger concept.

Thus around 1970 ..we have 2-legged people (real cool cats) in the box experiments.

Then around 1990 ...
- we have 2-legged students in classroom tragedies ......trapped boxes with a quantum trigger (shooting gun trigger)
........elementary school shooting data for elementary physics
........Cole Hall wave mechanics shooting messages (oceanography)
........Virginia TECH quantum trigger experiments (gun trigger)

- we have 2-legged federal employees in the Oklahoma City building box tragedy

- we have 2-legged financial office workers in the
Two Quantum States symbolized by the Two Towers of the Sept 11, 2001 Manhattan physics project ERROR signal..... regarding the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology Hierarchy Problem.

- The Schrodinger thought experiments in 1976 of the CAM group = Cambridge University and Cambridge, Mass universities and Cambodia. The modern classroom of European and American bragging nonsense .... thus Nature's feedback signal to educational institutions regarding the human brain computer programming experiment ERRORS ....



Thus we see the
Thus we try to understand Nature's quantum social engineering signals to educated people.......who like to ignore the SCIENCE WAR casualities.



From the INTERNET ....
Quantum theory is bizarre. In order to try and understand it we need to forget everything we know about cause and effect, reality, certainty, and much else besides. This is a different world, it has its own rules, rules of probability that make no sense in our everyday world. Richard Feynman, the greatest physicist of his generation, said of quantum theory

'It is impossible, absolutely impossible to explain it in any classical way'.

Quantum theory is much more than just bizarre, it is also without doubt the most amazing theory in existence.. This theory is not just about experiments and equations, it reveals something extraordinary about our very understanding of what constitutes reality.



Let's look at some astrophysics EARTH LAB
Schrodinger test sites.

Let's combine the
Schrodinger human cat in a box with the
Schrodinger wave equation TOOL ...the shooting electron gun.

The evolution of electron gun GIVES a metal gun composed of electrons that shoots bullets shells..composed of electron shells.
Thus we see Einstein's theory of relative sizes ....
regarding atomic shell sizes described in a textbook OR
bullet electron shells described in a newspaper murder report.



Thus supersymmetry physics suggests that we have electron guns in modern SCIENCE WAR military format (metal gun with quantum trigger to shoot particle physics electron MESSAGE bullets) ...... and many murders and mass shootings are really physics SCIENCE WAR casualties.



Here we will outline some CLUES to the astrophysics battle on EARTH involving the

Westroad Mall in Omaha, Nebraska. First, lets look at the BOX involved in the quantum social science experiments with human "cool Cats that ROCK".

--> Schrodinger's cat in the box experiment - Quantum-Theories
If a partition is introduced into the middle of the box that divides it into two equal ... The way that a quantum wave moves is described by Erwin Schrodinger's ... as ' having in it the living and the dead cat mixed or smeared out in equal parts.

--> Schrodinger's Cat According to Use
The cat is sealed in an airtight box with a limited oxygen supply. We have ... Each week the two leading contestants are put into two 'Schrodinger boxes'. ... Principle is a fundamental part of Quantum Mechanics, as are Schrodinger's equations.



--> Let box 1 be the BIG BOX retail stores in shopping centers in the United States SCIENCE WAR zone. For perspective, let Schrodinger's applied astrophysics on the EARTH LAB be on the WEST side of the Atlantic ocean (North America) ......with Schrodinger's theoretical astrophysics on the EAST side of the Atlantic ocean (England and Europe).

BOX 1 ...the Von Maur BIG BOX one of the Schrodinger boxes of the world federal governments and their Margaret Mead nuclear family experiment overseen by the Office of Science, DARPA, and their university/corporation research associations. Near the Von Maur BOX is the bio-computer BOX department store of JC Penny --> JCP --> Job Control Processor BOX (Parallel Penny)




--> Let BOX 2 be the building below ...part of the astrophysics EARTH LAB region known as the WEST ROAD region .....the communication BRIDGE (non-functional in year 2011/2012) labeled as cam.BRIDGE, England, with the string theory ROPE of euROPE ...... and their intellectuals symbolically HUNG themselves in year 1956 in the HUNG.ary uprising with the atomic IRON curtain (Ferrous oxide atomic weight 56 in atomic message year 1956). See Russell/Whitehead atomic math life .... book from year 1910 --> to * 56 Principia Mathematica.




Gonville and Caius College
West Road: Stephen Hawking Building,
Sep 29, 2006 ? Gonville and Caius College:
West Road: Stephen Hawking Building, 5 (Donald Insall, map for Gonville and Caius College: West Road: ...
Gonville & Caius College - Stephen Hawking Building in Cambridge ? UK Hotels ? Cambridge HotelsCached - Similar

Gonville & Caius College - Stephen Hawking Building in Cambridge, UK - Best Rates Guaranteed ...
Address: West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DS map (Map) ...
Sep 29, 2006 ? Gonville and Caius College:
West Road: Stephen Hawking Building
West Road: Stephen Hawking Building
West Road: Stephen Hawking Building
West Road: Stephen Hawking Building
West Road: Stephen Hawking Building
West Road: Stephen Hawking Building
WestRoad: ..........Hawkin..Building
Westroad: ..........Hawkin.......ding

Police: Nine killed in shooting at Omaha mall, including gunman
Dec 5, 2007 ? The Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska, was locked down after the ... Police identified the gunman as Robert  A. Hawkins of Nebraska.

A. Hawkins 
A. Hawkins
A. Hawk + ins

Astrophysics Hawk insurance plan

Nine killed --> the 9 project plan of the
Solar System 9 planets ......and Solar System 370
data processing war BYTE --> with 8 data planets + 1 error correction planet.


The WEST ROAD astrophysics battle on EARTH LOCATION: Omaha

Modern astronomy WAR report about battlefield EARTH ....
the astronomy brains of England ..
refuse to help explain the astronomy war ...keeping secrets from the British military establishment.
Let's look at the astrophysics quantum computer VIEW of EARTH.
The Solar system has 9 data bit planets ...... 8 data bits and 1 error correction parity bit.

Thus Earth could be viewed as the 1 error correction parity bit ..... a CLUE from
PERU agent ODDONE. In the context of Computer EARTH system 370 (a subset of the Solar system processor) ..... we have system 370 PERU = Per + U = Program event recording Universe with the Oddone ..... some guy who is part of the EARTH atomic/astrophysics continuum. Now science magazine profiles state that he knows Spanish and Italian .... suggesting that he has access to spanned data language records and the
orbital secret physics language of word
orbital ...and word subset letters
...italian physics ..... but he ain't talking;
but that's okay ..... because we can figure it out .....its a puzzle.



Let's look at the Schrodinger geography partition ...
the Schrodinger astrophysics BOX partition on the geography surface of EARTH ...into 2 physical boxes ( Von Maur retail store Box
and the DAMTP building box with the intellectual alliance with the Schrodinger bio-physics pussy cat box. Thus, the inside atomic social psychology secret of the 1935 Schrodinger BEDROOM BOX with a bio-physics 2-legged cat ...thus a BEDROOM BOX that contains a smaller bio-box). The wonders of quantum physics .....extend to human behavior and adult thoughts. I am a slow learner; I just figured that out recently. Being older and wiser ..... I suppose its about time.

Thus we many applications of quantum physics to various dimensions of life.
That is why ...literally ... married quantum physicists work DAY and NIGHT.




Continent <-- communcications BRIDGE --> continent
Westroad <-- Atlantic Ocean ---> West Road, Europe
Omaha.......astro-chemistry salt

then let's look at those physical geography entities from
VIEW of the symbolic structure of EARTH using
Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and
its application to the Computer EARTH system 370 model. earth SYSTEM 370
LAND (Local Area Network Data) ..water .......LAND
Physical record .........................physicaL records....

Logical record comprised of 2 physical records .....
the logical record SPANS (Spanish feature)2 physical records.


computer science)
A logical record which covers more than one block, used when the size of a data buffer is fixed or limited.


Thus we see the outine of the evolution of the
Schrodinger cat ...... that is .......that is
System .......that is OS/JCL main frame

SYS1.Catalog ....Nature's computers running on 2 different processing boxes ....

which then LINKS into
Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory
(and the student WAR casualties
near EVAN FIELD house, DeKalb, Illinois)

which LINKS into TOE theory
TOE --> Theory of Everything
TOE --> Time Order Entry
TOE --> the human bio-computer walking on the surface of the earth ..uses this legs/toes to apply pressure to the earth soil/land. The soil/land is like a keyboard, and as you walk press data entry keys... providing input data to COMPUTER EARTH.

Supersymmetry physics implies this is a parallel to your copper wire office computer and its keyboard ....were instead of using legs/toes ...the bio-computer human uses hand/fingers to press data entry keys to interface with the copper-computer.
Thus we have a modern SYSTEM of Nature ....which connects the bio-computer electron processor to the copper-computer electron architecture.

Now ,we have had ....since 1980 ..... the advanced Schrodingercat ....the cathode ray tube (CRT) such as the IBM 3270 CRT used with IBM CICS online. Today we have the 3270 CRT equivalent electrical computer screens (flat screens,etc). Together ....they are all part of the Schrodinger CAT evolution ....

--> 4-legged cat in 1935
--> 2-leged cool cats
--> partitioned boxes
--> SYS1. Catalog
--> Cat of Cathode ray tube (or flat screen) ....

NOW, we have the computer mouse.
Every human on EARTH is now trapped by NATURE in the
atomic brain cat/mouse game .... an intellectual prison.

The Sartre play message "NO EXIT" suggests that
the K NO W ....EXIT is the only way out of the cat/mouse trap that
the RAT of modern demo --> Demo + rat --> Democrat (or Republican) --> democracy violations by humans bragging errors ...... that universities will not help fix.

Welcome to BRAVE NEW WORLD and the university cat and mouse game .......ask them a serious intellectual question and you get no answer. Brave New World and 1984 are books concerned with the usage of manipulation and propaganda to control professors. Thus we see how effective the computer MOUSE trap is ..... inside the brain symbolic computer.

Ask them about football. That is social engineering knowledge.


The KNOW EXIT requires serious communication
and requires citizens and professors to help understand the SCIENCE WARS.




CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA