Norway intellectual errors result in Science War casualties. Europe ignores the Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology war

The European metabolism war casualties at Utoeya, Norway. Advanced botany research of the evergreen tree metabolism PROJECT reveals the secret cellulose origins of human cellular social behavior .

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It is well known in cellulose TREE of KNOWLEDGE circles that the 14th Dalai Lama is supposed to be a spokesperson for the Earth government and the NITROGEN cycle. University professors and Buddhist practitioners deny that he has any relationship to Nature and Nitrogen atomic mass 14. Other BLOGS covered some concepts.

-->The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
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Buddhist BOTANY messages ? TREE of Knowledge Revelations

The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet is a messenger for PROJECT PLAN Earth ( EARTH). Mother Nature has some messages waiting for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. These messages are updates from the cellulose TREE of KNOWLEDGE . . . about the intellectual continuum that exists from the original teachings of Buddha to currrent mathematical DECISION TREE theory. We are guests of MOTHER NATURE; nature provides us with food,water, and air. In return, MOTHER NATURE would like our cortex computer to understand the philosophical context which we live within. Thus the religious continuum from ancient teachings to their evolution to modern basic concepts; which verify, supplement, and enhance the original messages of the cellulose TREE BUD to its first spokesperson BUDDHA. Understanding this process will help improve the Tibet/China situation for the Dalai Lama. Thus in year 2010, we have an intellectual project to start work on. BLOG titles provide an outline of this massive intellectual political science, foreign affairs project.

The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet ? Nitrogen 14
By zinjan

Some secrets of the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology family have become available. The periodic atomic table expresses itself thru many formats. One such format is atomic brain messengers such as the Nitrogen 14 physics agent from Tibet. The atomic elements:

N = Nitrogen 14 = 14th Dalai Lama atomic and
O = Oxygen 16 = Pope Benedict XVI = Base 16 hex

These 2 atomic elements create biological LUNG air spokespersons ?> agents known as the DR.NO series of NOBEL scientists. The Ian Fleming social chemistry BOND books and movies known as : James BOND (molecular bond social life and actions). Specifically we have the movie/book about agent #007 and Double #007.

Double #007 = 14 ?> the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet is a subconscious atomic brain double agent for physics/chemistry. In the Margaret Mead nuclear family of life . . he has been a subliminal messenger for the 7 electrons of Nitrogen atomic religious mass 14.

The 14th Dalai La.Ma =Language Map.......... of Lung nitrogen Margaret Mead nuclear society. He ought consider meeting his parallel processing COMPUTER EARTH agents. For example, we have the 7th Day Adventist religious group that breathes nitrogen into their LUNGS.....but have yet to acknowledge the existence of NITROGEN atomic thoughts.

The Norwegian government is thus involved in the BOTANY WAR with the 14th Dalai Lama  and the NITROGEN CYCLE errors.


The BOTANY government millions of years ago ...designed and developed the concept of year-around metabolism of a molecular cell biology structure (evergreen tree) for the cold weather cycle of the NORTHERN REGIONS of Europe amd North America. That concept led to the development of year-around metabolism structures that can live in colder winter climates ...such and Norwegians, Swedes, Canadians.



In additon, the evergreen trees/fir trees provide lumber and firewood and cellulose paper for the modern Noregian and his friends.

In return NATURE and the cellulose TREE of Knowledge receive intellectual insults, nonsense social engineering projects, false statements, deliberately planned schemes ... approved by all the major universities on earth...that were to be the guardians for the Earth government and its social engineering project plans.

The Northern countries and their citizens, their governments, their corporations and educational institutions filed incomplete and biased reports on many situations.

What are some examples of OSLO, LONDON, Paris leadership:


1) What does the 14th Dalai Lama represent in the Margaret Mead atomic/astrophysics anthropology continuum?.

2) Who symbolized Agent Orange in the VIETNAM WAR?
Using the algebra quadratic equation of EARTH math life and mathematical-physics political science.....see know that 
1 quadratic equation QUESTION has 2 roots for answers.




ROOT 1 Answer
Agent Orange - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
U.S. Army Huey helicopter spraying
Agent Orange over Vietnamese agricultural land .... Video of U.S. troops spraying Agent Orange from a riverboat in Vietnam ...

2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid -
Agent Orange




Root 2 Answer Agent Orange

The Buddhist Blog: Reasons Why Buddhist Monks Wear Robes and Oct 21, 2007 ? The robe also symbolizes the monks connection to the Buddha and his ... of orange robes was already an established practice for renunciants. ...

Why do Buddhist monks wear orange clothesEastern Religions ? TaoismCached - Similar
yelow or orange. Did Buddhists have to wear special clothes? no. What Clothes do Buddhist Monks wear and what is called? kashaya robe. What clothes do ...

A: The Lord Buddha gave this reflection about why a monk wears a robe: ... used and sometimes give that more vivid orange colour that one sees in Bangkok. ...

Shopping results for buddhist monk orange robe
Buddhist monks in orange robes stand outside an ornate ...
$79.99 -
Buddhist monks in orange robes stand outside an ornate ...
$339.99 -

Two Monks in Orange Robes are Standing Near a Buddhist Temple - Similar

Two Monks in Orange Robes are Standing Near a Buddhist Temple Photographic Print by Paul Chesley -
Oneness Feeling Experienced by Monks, ...






Thus by analysis of the atomic/astrophysics social anthropology continuum on EARTH LAB with
2-legged human messengers/ agents/ expressors of nouns,verbs, equations of the multi-faceted dimensions of Sartre earthly existentialism ........we see interesting empirical data useful for supersymmetry physics /parallel processing.

Root 1 --> Agent Orange molecular HERBICIDEs and forests
Root 2 --> Agent Orange molecule humans and tree BUD ...forestry agents called BUDDHISTS.

Since Buddhists and their university friends will not explicitly AND clearly describe this relationship of NATURE ........then one can assume that the Buddhist's and their friends are just nonsense talk ...and have zero repsect for Mother Earth or anything of a serious Nature. Without the Solar System photon/electromagnetic intellect and the intellects creation of photosynthesis to create trees, food plants, and vegetables supply food to the Buddhist people ......every Buddhist would starve in months.

Now, Nature is striving for an accurate intellectual explanation..... an outline of the philosophical context in which we live. Intellectual dribble is published in newspapers and college textbooks......... and hence .....the tragic message of UTOYA.
Certainly, the more educated countries of Europe and North America ......could expand upon the ideas of the SOCIAL CONTRACT ...JOHN Locke ...David Hume, ...and others like Henry David Thoreau.

Instead universities provide TWITTER, Facebook, etc. and Carl Jung collectitve unconsciousness shootings (the collective is comprised of the campus students and professors and administrators). Newspapers and magazines accurately print the surface veneer of the tragedy (date, time, place, victims).....but OMIT the deeper levels behind the tragedy. The conclusions of the events are incompelete. Thus, we have biased explanations published by modern intellectual chickens.

Foe example: Northern Illinois University shooting in Cole Hall .... in the OCEAN classroom......and not a single English teacher, newspaper editor, newspaper reporter...ever raises the question about that tragic event and its relationship to the WARNING by George Orwell book 1984 and OCEANIA.
Such an obvious, blatant ommission in year 2011. And Norway and the Briutish Embassy say nothing. They can't be bothered with responsibility in modern world-affairs.

Columbine High School
Cole Hall
Virginia TECH

and the BS = Bull-stories are published in MASS communication media such as television and radio and print. What FermILAB, Cavendish Labs, Office of Science and OSLO forgot in their
THEORETICAL PHYSICS calculations that mass communiactions is really atomic mass communications. Since the
Department of Energy didn't clean up the English language BS stories .

..we have the superysmmtery physics/parallel processing

-Department of Energy language 101 integrity laws

-Depart of En ...converted to student departures in English at Virginia Tech....... violations of the year 1776 Constitution of  Monticello = Mo + Cell --> Molecular Cell biology project started in year 1776.

Thus Utoya ....Norway intellectuals and the EARTH playground

UTOYA --> Universe TOY America

Thus the Hierarchy Problem of new leaders are government research labs are demoted by the Margaret Mead periodic atomic table government. The SCIENCE WARS continue......will anyone try to help understand the situation?





CONTACT: Principle science researcher HERB ZINSER

Mail Address: P.O.BOX 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA


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The European countries and their citizens violate the SOCIAL CONTRACT laws of Nature. Norway and European citizens have refused to provided intellectual resources to help understand the SCIENCE WARS and have refused to provide financial resources to the few that are willing to work on these complex symbolic puzzles ... that comprise the intellectual war component of the SCIENCE WARS. The European brain computer programming experiments are filled with errors. Those brain computer Y2K biological clock BUGS need to be fixed. Citizen intellectual apathy and neglect .... prerequistes to biological computer data processing errors and the social system 370 OS/JCL OS10 tragedy.


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