Part 2 ---> The Computer Earth system 370 atomic anthropology war with European brain computers
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The Europe electromagnetic battle of televison waves / optical waves results in Belgian tragedy. Citizen communications system ERRORS creates the Liege EVENT ---> Signal processing ROC of DeBroglie wavelength

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European citizens, universities, and governments have carefully avoided discussion of the worldwide SCIENCE WARS. Tragic events are reported in newspapers ..... as to the surface veneer of the event (date, time, shooter, victims, location, police data gathered, etc). This provides a partial picture of the situation. Using the empircal data provided by the event, sophisticated analysis gives us a more complete report. A helpful SIGNAL analysis tool is the social engineering math application ROC = Region Of Convergence.


In mathematics and signal processing,  the Z-transform  converts a discrete time-domain signal, which is a sequence of real or complex numbers, into a complex frequency-domain representation.

It can be considered as a discrete-time equivalent of the Laplace transform. This similarity is explored in the theory of time scale calculus.



The region of convergence (ROC) is the set of points in the complex plane for which the Z-transform summation converges


The precursor to the Liege, Belgium tragegy is the UTOEYA (also spelled UTOYA), OSLO, Norway tragedy. News excerpts on the INTERNET are from the BBC (British Bio-Chemistry).

BBC News - Unanswered questions in Norway tragedy
Jul 26, 2011 ? Unanswered questions in Norway tragedy.
By Jorn Madslien BBC News.
People lay flowers at Tyrifjorden Lake next to Utoeya island on 25 ...

BBC News - Norway police say 85 killed in island youth camp attack
Jul 23, 2011 ? The death toll from the shooting at a Norwegian youth camp rises to 85, as ... Norwegian island of Utoeya, hours after bomb blast in capital Oslo ...
The signal of UTOEYA is for the University of Oslo and the European university community.
UTOEYA --> UTOE = Unified Theory of Everything ..... the Margaret Mead nuclear family...atomic social anthropology battle at UTOEYA. In addition, we have the Computer Earth system 370 OS/JCL bombings in OSLO regarding OS = Organization Systems. Britian, Danish, and Norwegian universities have declined to help understand the Norwegian SCIENCE WAR battlefield ..... a reflection of the INTELLECTUAL attitude problems in Europe.

Now comes the consequence of INTELLECTUAL manipulation of the symbolic life of the atomic mass intellectual component. Atomic MASS expresses itself via humans in the MASS communications media: television, radio, print, graphic arts, etc. That is atomic MASS communications via TV, Radio, newpapers, etc. Most humans intercept the original atomic mass social messsage and proceed to joyfully distort the message. This is like a human sport ... a human amusement.

This abuse of the atomic English language accumulates .... and eventually results in a English language tragedy .... such as the Margaret Mead atomic signal sent to Virginia TECH university English department. The university has ignored the signal; they use creative writing class 101 to explain deeper levels of the campus system shooting. Thus the incomplete, biased reports ...known as the LIE ..... which is covered in LIE algebra .... math applied to social science news. George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and many other also address the LIE and propaganda.

It is well-known in science fiction books ... that the word:
ALIENS --> Al + Lie + Ns = Alphabet lies news (newspapers)

What they mean to say ... is that the news reports are incomplete ... as to the deeper level of explanations .... that involve the atomic /astrrophysics communicatioons continuum.

How can the periodic atomic table government symbolic life .... view the situation.
We have the symbolic word: NORWAY ...
algebra subset symbols = NO

How does the symbolic universe send a message to the NOBEL science community around rhe world?
Is it possible to get their attention?
We know their wives and girlfriends get their attention.
Is it possible for MOTHER Nature to get their attention?

Since they, their students, their institutions could care less .....
what will / what can NATURE do?

Europe has many geography countries with symbolic names.
The message from Nature is for NOBEL = No + Bel.

The NO (NORWAY) tragic signal was ignored by the Norway and the European people. Their concern is with restaurant menus, sports events, television comedy shows, etc, The most important intellectual decison on EARTH ... is sitting in a restaurant .... looking at a menu ... and trying to DECIDE what to ORDER. Things like basic math and physics ... symbolic foods ... are ignored.

The word NOBEL is comprised of 5 alphabet letters --> NO + BEL.

2 letters: NO symbolic of the Norway.

To accomplish the gestalt completion process of word (No + Bel) .... .... Darwinian symbol selection .... looking at Europe proper nouns for geography countries .... would select
Belgium ...with subset letters: Bel.

Thus No + Bel --> NoBel message creation .... a process of Nature using:
James Joyce streams of consciouness,
Carl Jung collective unconsciouness,
Salvador Dali surrealism,
the Nathaniel Hawthorne train of thought (Celestial Railroad),
Henry David Thoreau book WALDEN (book Walden = book wald en = Buch Wald en = Buch + en + WALD --> BuchenWald),
Sigmund Freud, Russell/ Whitehead , Maslow, Eric Berne, etc.

Thus between the July, 2011 event of Norway and the implementation of the 2nd event in December, 2011 in Belgium .... millions of European educated adults: professionals, computer programmers, scientists, teachers, researchers .... have done zero .... to understand the deeper levels of UTOEYA.

The elite European citizen brain cells can't be bothered with such nonsense as the Unified Theory of Everything ..... because the European citizen looks in the mirror ..... and his/her ego states ....
"I am everything ....
I am so fabulous ...
I am so brilliant ....
I am so fantastic ....
I am so great".

Now this positive thinking about oneself is healthy self-help psychology at an individual level ....... but the THEORY of Everything is concerned with more things ... a big picture ...
your picture in the mirror or
your picture on FACEBOOK or
your picture on your INTERNET website/blog.

Thus .... in all of Europe .... the search continues in December 2011.... for one or more individuals who can understand the existence of new data for the THEORY of Everything.

Thus we see the Earth government with Nature's intellect ..... and the the symbolic life of the atomic/astrophysics continuum .... in its attempt to communicate with the European .... STATE of MIND. Let's review Nature's process again.





1st physics .... atomic continuum signal in July 2011 ... NO --> NORWAY tragedy.

July 2011 news reports are incomplete
August - no analysis done by Europe
September - nothing from Europe
October - nonsense explanations from Europe
November - universities do not repsond to inquires
December 2011 event Belgium .... the LIE /false answers from Europe regarding

UTOEYA --> Unfied Theory of Everything with atomic human agent AN = Atomic Number of protons .... Margaret Mead atomic anthropology war messenger AN = ANDERS Behring Breivik.

Now the EM = Electromagnetic human life forms known as EM = EMBASSY physics diplomats and EM = EMERITUS professors ..... with their superior STATE of MIND .... refuse to discuss the atomic bio-physics anthropology WAR issues. Hence the Hierarchy Problem of the OS = Office of Science becomes the tragedy of OS = Oslo. OSLO refuses to explain the more accurate explanation of the tragic EVENT .... known as the LIE.

Thus ... from Nature's point of view ..... we have solid-state physics of the human brain VERSUS the previously authorized EM heads that use brain radio .... long-range neurotransmitters for their secret bio-communications systems. This is an ancient system .... which we know from year 64AD in ROME ... when Nero burned ROME ..... the signal: Nero = Nerotransmitters burned ROME ....
and Nero evolved to Neuro ... Neurotransmitters and the EURO system of the subliminal mind nonsense people. The Central nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic computer has forbidden this ancient primordial social system ... but Europe insists on their subconscious mind policy ..... hence the BRAIN WARS in Europe. Thus we see Nature's brain defense systems in action.

These systems have been mentioned by many book authors. The music group RADIO HEAD and other groups also address the issues. The Unified Theory of Everything requires all groups to be able to communnicate with other groups .... which is not happening.

Thus NORWAY and the perpetuation of the NOBEL LIE .....
NOBEL LIE --> NO + BEL + Lie creating the next event

Bel + Lie = Belgium Liege


Thus we have the elctromagnetic WAR of LIE .... symbolized by LIEGE and

Louis de Broglie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
..... was a French physicist and a Nobel laureate in the year 1929. He was the sixteenth member elected to ...

Thus Nature elected de Broglie to the Hex Base 16 dimension of existences .... known since Galileo year 16 16 --> Base 16 Hexadecimal space and time. Most educated people refuse to acknowledge the existence of base 16 hexadecimal math life and biological operational mode of the LU = Logical Unit = Lung.

Important theories of
base 16 code of
2.1 Matter and wave-particle duality
2.2 Non-nullity and variability of mass
2.3 Generalization of the principle of least action
2.4 Duality of the laws of nature
2.5 Neutrino theory of light
2.6 Hidden thermodynamics


Matter wave
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the quantum mechanical concept of all matter having a duality model as a wave. For the ordinary type of wave propagating through material media, see Mechanical wave.
In quantum mechanics, a matter wave or de Broglie wave ( /dəˈbrɔɪ/) is the wave (wave?particle duality) of matter. The de Broglie relations show that the wavelength is inversely proportional to the momentum of a particle and that the frequency is directly proportional to the particle's kinetic energy. The wavelength of matter is also called de Broglie wavelength.

The theory was advanced by Louis de Broglie in 1924 in his PhD thesis.





Thus we see CLUES to the LIEGE and European physics department about the LIE mess .... message.
Related clues are:



- Europe has a message processing region for LICHT (word light) and the LIE of Licht EM waves and other wave errors.
Thus equation Lie + Licht + Einstein = Liechtenstein.
Liechtenstein is part of the physical geography of Europe and also in the symbolic brain MAPS with the eye/ optical nerve ..... photon/EM information in the format of optical nouns/verbs/ math equations .... in the optical computer data processor..



- the previous Hertzian wave wars in Hertzegovina, Yugloslavia in 1994 were ignored by European universities and their governments and their EM = EMPLOYEE human life forms with biased incomplete brain thoughts about serious atomic anthropology matters.

This COMPUTER EARTH region of BAL = BasicK Assemblur Language --> BALkan geography REGION helps understand the Norway, British and European education system .... the student children experiments in brain computer programming using the process known as EM.BAL.MENT. Previously, this process was used in funeral homes for the physical DEAD.

Now, citizen governments approve of university use of the
EM.BAL.ment process for the living brain dead ..... from Nature's point of VIEW ... equivalent to the physically DEAD children of UTOEYA. Aa American movie ... around 1977 ... the "Dawn of the Living Dead" ..... explained a similar symbolic message.

In the BAL region of the BALTIC SEA ... Norway and their IMS biological human data base experiments .... they have bio-human records .... parent records and child records.
Computer scientists can logically delete a CHILD brain data record (the physical data reocrd continues existence) OR physically delete a CHILD data record. European computer science community refuses to intellectually discuss this problem; because the problem is approved by the EURO citizen government ..... collective unconsciousness .... the group MENTALITY.


- The conflicts in the EM region around United Arabic EM = Emirates. The battles are fought in IRAQ. The word
IRAQ ...... spelled by sound syllables
EYE RAC --> Eye Rackets of world television and graphic arts.

A example is the Australian legislative graphic arts planned attack on the eye/optical nerve with the nonsense graphic arts ugly pictures to be used for cigatrette packaging. This is the Australia government secret society and their BULL-story rackets ..... cigarettes and nicotine protect the brain symbolic computer from the parallel human acetycholine molecule and its long-range neurotransmitter bio-communication systems of Bull propaganda. This George Orwellian propaganda is promoted by the Australian idiots of knowledge. The Australia master scheme is related to the Virginia TECH smoke screen about the English class shooting.

Maybe someday, Australian universities will learn how to read the basics of biochemistry of Bull-Stories invented by adult females and their boyfriends ...... whose bedroom HEAD of intellectual performance has no place in the serious matters of social engineering and public policy ...needed by the other HEAD .... the skull with eyes/ optical nerve/ textbook symbolic knowledge, etc. It is tragic Australia universities are so myopic ... and VIEW Mother Nature with disrespect.

The velocity of light c = 186000 miles per second.
The velocity of light contains a CITY. This symbolic city of photons/ EM / words and equations has its own independent government within the optical data stream .... LooK -->
100K data stream. Now some Australian graphic arts snobs are going to put their CRAP into the optical data stream ..... with the EAR/MOUTH song and dance approval of Australian bedroom leg thinkers who run the Australian legislature. And universities add insult to injury ...with their CODE of Silence about the SCIENCE WARS. Bertand Russell and Afred North Whitehead correctly descibed in year 1910 their observation of featherless bipeds ..... better known today world as chicken brains that go around and crow and pass laws ...without considering the consequences to the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic optical computer.
Thus we see the world wide EM battles over the past 25 years.
In addition, in North America we have the language/optical nerve war reports:

- English department shooting at Virginia Tech

- Library shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado

- Read Center shooting at Fort Hood Soldier Read/Readiness Center

Thus we see the components of the language war: English, Library, Read.....a Central Nervous System 370 symbolic brain computer message for those that care about the WORD of HONOR.

Newspaper reporters and editors don't care about the brain/optical nerve symbolic war and its transformation to physical battles. They have not offered to help explain the situation. Apparently their TRUE loyalty is to the EAR/Mouth talk and EAR/music people with their HARM wave component ofHarmonic sound waves at 600 miles per hour..



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