Part 2 ---> The Computer Earth system 370 atomic anthropology war with European brain computers

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The Europe electromagnetic battle of televison waves / optical waves results in Belgian tragedy. Citizen communications system ERRORS creates the Liege EVENT ---> Signal processing ROC of DeBroglie wavelength

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Rd-blog-621 European citizens, universities, and governments have carefully avoided discussion of the worldwide SCIENCE WARS. Tragic events are reported in newspapers ..... as to the surface veneer of the event (date, time, shooter, victims, location,… more »

Europe battle reports - introduction

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Year 2012 provides us with a new view of the European algebraic subsets of the EARTH government with Nature's intellect. Humans and their social structures live on the surface of EARTH Lab .....within the atomic/astrophysics continuum… more »

Solar System data processing with Computer Earth system 370 Europe geography map. Components of the Europe Computer Science WAR. The deletion of the Norway IMS biolological data base CHILD records.

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  RD-blog-620 The Solar System has 9 planets...equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit. Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet now, viewed as Computer Ea… more »

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